Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I worked on The Big Grey Spaceship again last night. I'm nearly finished. Last night, it took a turn for the polychromatic. I was trying to keep the thing totally grey, but I just don't have the pieces. Sure, I've got plenty of grey's the special pieces that I'm running low on. So, I've incorporated the other two greys that Lego has graced us with.

"Which two greys?" you might ask...Well, there's the dark grey that was initally used for Minifig tools and swords/spears. This grey was later incorporated into the adventure sets and Starwars. Now, the company drops yet another grey. This is dark grey too, but with a little blue for good measure. This color comes in the very newest Starwars sets. It's almost the same as the previous dark grey...but when the two are side-by side, the differences are obvious.

Lego has managed to keep their colors the same for 30 years...I don't think this is a dye issue. I think they just want to keep introducing "new" colors so that we keep buying new Legos...a blatent gimmick. How else would you explain dark blue, powder blue, dark red, and orange Legos? I don't have enough of these colors to even properly accentuate one good creation...Any way, enough ranting.

The Big Grey Spaceship is now four shades of grey (including the very aged pieces I was forced to use), speckled with a little black. Pics are coming soon, I promise.



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